Cleaning Instructions

1) Soap and water 2x a day in the shower (dove, dial or ivory bar soap. DO NOT use hand soap. Any anti-bacterial soap in bar form will do.

2. Lather up your hands with one of the recommended soap listed above and clean the jewelry and surrounding area. Rinse the soap off completely.

3. Do not submerge the piercing in sitting bodies of water. Including bathtubs, rivers, lakes, pools and hot tubs. 

   * DO NOT use alcohol, peroxide, neosporin or bactine on or around the piercing


 * Avoid loofahs, sponges, and washcloths as they have a high chance of snagging


 * Avoid using sinks to clean the piercing. Handles and other components can cause higher chance of infection


* Avoid moving the jewelry excessively as that can cause damage to the healing tissue.

The jewelry can and will move while being cleaned, don't worry as long as you don't force the jewelry to move

 Additional Instructions for Oral Piercings

                (Tongue, Lip, etc)

1. Mouthwash every time you eat and drink. ( if the mouthwash is too strong, you can cut it in half with distilled water)

  * Mouthwash can be any brand that contains alcohol. The alcohol content isn't high enough to cause irritation to the piercing

​2. Avoid kissing, oral and sharing of any utensils for 2-4 weeks 

​​Piercing Aftercare

Additional Tips!

* Taking ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory can help reduce the irritation and swelling

* Swelling can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks

* Hitting and bumping can cause longer healing time

* Yellow or white secretions is normal

* Don't panic if your friend or family member with the same piercing heals faster or slower than you. Everyone heals differently

* Bruising can be expected as with any trauma

* Initial jewelry will be longer than normal retail or standard size to allow room for cleaning and swelling. Switch the jewelry out at the recommended time

* DO NOT remove the jewelry at any time during your healing process. The body is going to want ot close the piercing and re-inserting the jewelry can cause additional damage

* Even healed piercing can close quickly, Stop in to ask your piercer for help with jewelry switches to avoid losing your piercing

* If you feel there is an infection happening, do a follow up with your piercer to determine if there is one.

* Check in with your doctor as well.

Sea Salt Solution

*Make sure all utensils are clean

1. Mix 1/4 Teaspoon of Non-Iodized Sea Salt to an 8oz glass of warm water. You can get it from any grocery store. (Keep in mind the stronger the mixture is NOT better, too much sea salt can cause irritation)

2. Gather a few Q-tips and set them on a clean paper towel. Microwave the Q-tips 20 seconds (Make sure Q-tips are dry)

3. Dip the Q-tip in the sea salt mixture and apply to the piercing and surrounding area

4. Apply the sea salt solution to your piercing 3x a day and after any activities that involve sweating.

5. Applying the sea salt immediately after accidental trauma. It can help reduce the irritation faster.

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