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Black Widow Tattoo Studio employs many artists from different places and backgrounds. Some of us have worked together for years and others are new to our family. We found the perfect combination of personalities that has turned us into a very close and loving family. With all of us working towards the same collective goal, to make beautiful tattoo’s and piercing's on every customer!

Black Widow Tattoo Studio is a full service studio. We are fortunate to have some of the finest, award winning artist, not to mention that we enjoy giving you the art you want sometimes with our professional opinions to make a great long lasting tattoo. Big or small we love and do them all. Between our flash, portfolios and custom designs with you in mind, we are happy to provide you with your next piece.

We look forward to seeing each other everyday, which makes for a fun environment for anyone to be apart of. We also encourage people to come and hang out with us anytime! You can never exhaust us with your tattoo thoughts! Toss something our way and we will provide you a quality completed custom piece of art. 

Everyone here at Black Widow Tattoo Studio is fully educated in the art of tattooing, cosmetic re-pigmentation and piercing. We are very fortunate to have the team that we do, and it is with our combined experience and knowledge of the industry that we offer a safe, clean, friendly environment for our clientele.

Our artists work in all styles of tattooing, ranging from custom one of a kind pieces from American Traditional to Traditional Japanese as well as black and grey work to full color pieces. You can bring in your own artwork as reference, have us design your tattoo from scratch or choose from the thousands of designs we have here. Or if all you have is just an idea in your head, no problem! Sit down and discuss with any artist of your choosing. Putting down a deposit to secure your appointment will ensure you get the time and care it takes to put on your forever art. 

This is your house too so feel free to stop by anytime!

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